USSR Review – Analysis of Soviet Affairs

In December 2017, I posted another collection of documents from the CIA archive on my Twitter account. The Directorate of Intelligence’s Office of Soviet Analysis (SOVA) group published a Secret (occasionally Top Secret) periodical called USSR Montly Review from at least January 1982 until December 1984, which was replaced by¬†USSR Review published once every two months starting February 1985.


Cover page of USSR Monthly Review from 1982.

The issues of the USSR Review covered various aspects of Soviet affairs, from international relations and force modernization to domestic agriculture. Each issue through December 1986 had a theme to which the bulk of the articles in the issues related to. Additionally, each issue contained a number of articles on other themes, as well as some ‘briefs’, which captured certain timely pieces of information.

Article titles from April 1983 issue, which focused on the KGB
An example brief from the March 1982 issue.

The USSR Review should not be confused with the USSR Report, which was an open source product of the Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS), also part of the CIA.

Cover page of USSR Report, which was an open source product of FBIS.

Going back to the USSR Review, in addition to the Soviet Union itself, the articles can offer interesting perspective to military and space programs in the 1980s, as well as to CIA’s perspective of Soviet relations with various countries.

USSR Montly Review, March 1984: article on Soviet trade with Finland

Below is a list of links to the issues of USSR (Monthly) Review I’ve found to date, sorted by data and main theme of each issue listed, if one was identifiable.

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