Greetings from ISA 2018

Just a brief update as a sign of life here at the blog. I’ve been neglecting the blog due a number of other things demanding attention.

As one item, I have an article coming up in the print version of Jane’s Intelligence Review on the CIA archives as a resource. (Digital version is also available for subscribers.)

Second, I’ve been doing a number of OSINT trainings/lectures, including first run of broader OSINT lectures at University of Jyväskylä as part of a new course package on intelligence. Developing the course material was an interesting project, and feedback from the students has been great.

This week I’m in San Francisco at the International Studies Association Annual Conference, where I presented a paper on open source analysis of the war in Ukraine in the “Best Practices and Intelligence Analysis” panel of the Intelligence Studies Section. This paper will further be developed into an article to be published at a later date.

So, lot’s going on, and more content coming here once things settle down a bit. I have a backlog of material from the CIA archives still to cover here.

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