Organizational History of the CIA, 1950-1953

Quick post about a document that might be of interest to my fellow researchers. In the course research for an article, I came across the chapters for a CIA internal history titled “Organizational History of the CIA, 1950-1953“. From the Chapter X PDF file, we can learn that this history is part of the DCI Historical Series, issued in two copies in 1957.

As is the case with some other titles, this history is only available as separate chapters released at separate times. I am consolidating below what is available, and submitted a FOIA request for the missing chapters. (Update Feb 2022: I received Chapters VI-VII from the CIA!) Of the annexes, only A and B are available in the online archive.

For whatever reason, the Chapter X PDF files had all the pages out of order. I rearranged the pages so that they’re in the correct sequence now, and I’ve made the fixed (and OCR’d) file available through Google Drive.

Multiple versions are available of some chapters, which seem to be different physical copies. On some of the documents markings “2nd carbon” and “3rd carbon” can be seen at the top of the front page.

Below are all the related PDFs which I have so far been able to locate in the archive:

Chapter I Background, 1946-1950Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Chapter IIMajor Organizational RevisionsLink 1 (starts PDF page 57)
Link 2 (as above)
Link 3 (as above)
Link 4
Chapter IIIInter-Agency Coordination ProblemsLink
Chapter IVThe Conduct of Overt CollectionLink (starts PDF page 51)
Chapter VDevelopment of a Reference CenterLink
Chapter VIProblems of Scientific and Technical IntelligenceLink to Google Drive
Chapter VIIEconomic, Geographic, and Basic IntelligenceLink to Google Drive
Chapter VIIICurrent Intelligence and Hostility IndicationsLink to Google Drive
Chapter IXProduction and Coordination of Intelligence EstimatesLink
Chapter XThe Conduct of Agency BusinessLink to fixed version w/ OCR
(on Google Drive)
Link to original
(pages out of sequence)
Annex APresident Truman’s Letter, January 22, 1946Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Annex BSelected Organization Charts of CIG and CIA, 1946-53Link 1 (starts PDF page 9)
Link 2 (starts PDF page 8)
Link 3 (starts PDF page 8)
Annex CDirectives of the National Intelligence Authority (NIA’s)not available
Annex DCIA Legislation of 1947, 1949, and 1951not available
Annex ENSC Intelligence Directives and DCI Directives, 1947-53not available
Annex FList of OIC Projects, 1952-53not available
Annex GMissions and Functions of CIA Offices, 1950-53not available
Annex HList of ORR Reports, 1952-53not available
Annex KDescriptive List of ONE Estimates Projects, 1950-53not available
Annex LList of OSI Projects, 1949-53not available
Annex MList of IAC Projects, 1950-53not available
Annex NIndexnot available
“Organizational History of the CIA, 1950-1953”, DCI Historical Series, HS-2, May 1957. Original classification: Secret

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