‘Studies in Intelligence’ article index

In 2018, I made a blog post about the different archive locations where articles from CIA’s internal ‘Studies in Intelligence’ journal can be found. Published since 1955, the declassified articles provide a wealth of material for the intelligence studies community, as well as interesting perspectives for security and foreign policy researchers. You can find some background information about the journal from this New Yorker piece.

I was later advised that on a site called imminences[.org] there was a fairly comprehensive index of ‘Studies in Intelligence’ articles, totaling some 1650 entries. However, the site went offline several years ago. I managed to track down the index from the Internet Archive. The latest retrieval was in April 2017. (If someone knows the author of the orinal list, please let me know.)

One issue with the above archived list is that the link format for both the National Archives and the CIA pages had changed, meaning many of the links were broken. Thus, I decided to take on making the list available again, and fixing the links.

Additionally, I cross-referenced the archived list with all the ‘Studies in Intelligence’ articles made available by National Archives on their site. What I discovered was that there are numerous duplicates in the National Archive data, meaning the total number of published articles is not the same as the 1476 records made available.

Through combining the two sources and eliminating duplicates, the resulting Google Sheets document has links to over 1840 declassified or published ‘Studies in Intelligence’ articles, up until 2015. I have not made an effort to do a comprehensive check of all articles from the 2000s, as my interest was in ensuring the declassfied documents from the Cold War era are easily searchable.

One feature of intelligence declassification is that sometimes different archive copies may be redacted in different ways. Thus, in cases where I have found duplicates, I have included the links in the index.

On a separate sheet, I have also added links to all the complete issues of ‘Studies in Intelligence’ that I’ve found so far from CIA’s own online archive.

In places where I’ve added new rows or found errors in either the imminences[.org] data or National Archives metadata, I have lighlighted the additions and fixes in light yellow. The data likely still has errors, as I have not checked each and every file individually.

You can find the index here: ‘Studies in Intelligence’ article index

Link to the full list on Google Sheets

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